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Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management

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Welcome to the Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management at Apsley Business School, London. September 20th- 26th.

Project Management is at the heart of every enterprise. Managing people, resources and time effectively to get results. Yet it is...

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Master of Laws (LLM)

LLM is derived from the Latin Legum Magister, meaning Master of Laws, and is primarily a Logo ENU_Grossvocational degree taught at a high academic standard. It is ideal for practising lawyers hoping to develop specific theoretical areas of their practice or for entrepreneurs and administrators who need law in their daily business.
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MSc in Educational Leadership

The MSc offered by Apsley Business School is designed for professionals hoping to integrate the latest scholarship and theory with the practical day-to-day aspects of their business. The programme of study is flexible, with a strict focus on the quality of your assessed work, rather than volume. As such, it is ideal for the motivated high achiever, who is balancing their work, study and family commitments.
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MBA in Strategic Management

Strategic Management is about being able to steer your organisation at a senior level, being able to put your vision and strategy at the heart of everything your organisation does. Typically you will be ambitious and motivated leader, aspiring to develop your skills for progression to senior management, and membership of the board, either at your current organisation or even in a different sector. Alternatively, you may be looking to establish your own firm, delivering value as an entrepreneur or senior consultant.
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MBA in Information Security

It is clear that Board Members often do not understand the opportunities and risks inherent in managing information. Most management and board level executives are well schooled in the traditional management skills, but few have the skillset and knowledge to truly understand the risks and costs associated with poorly run information security programmes to their organisation. These threats and opportunities will only become more central to the strategic direction of all business in the next 20 years.
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