Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management

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Welcome to the Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management at Apsley Business School, London. September 20th- 26th.

Project Management is at the heart of every enterprise. Managing people, resources and time effectively to get results. Yet it is often done so poorly, with waste, distress and failure common.Logo ENU_Gross

With our scientifically based programme, you will learn the latest theory from experienced practicioners, and gain a fully accredited and recognised qualification that will push your career up to the next level.This programme is ideal for anyone aspiring to develop a career in roject management, or who needs to manage projects in their organisation. It is also a springboard onto the MSc in Project Management, which will enhance your skills and groom you for senior leadership.

Gorgasali University Tbilisi

The programme is accredited at 60 ECTS credits, or 120 CATS credits, and consists of a week long course on our London campus

The programme is taught in English, through classroom, and blended delivery (some online submission of work).

Fees and Bursaries

The fee for the Master of Laws £2,500

Bursaries and Scholarships (upto 80%) are available- please inquire for details on how to apply.

Please contact our Admissions Team for details of course intakes, course duration and mode of delivery.

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