PhD- Doctor of Business

What is the PhD at Apsley Business School?

Our Doctorate in Business Administration is designed for executives who want to apply research-based thinking to business issues.

Our PhD builds on the internationally successful MBA and MSc programmes, utilising established distance-learning-based delivery and support systems. We produce applied research professionals – people who are able to analyse complex business issues and develop original and reliable solutions. Our graduates can generate understanding of synergies and insights that can only be developed by integrating different disciplines within the context of original research.

The PhD differs from our DBA in size and scope. It will enable you to use research methods to define, implement and evaluate issues facing your organisation, but the emphasis is much more on developing academic knowledge.

Currently, the programme has high-calibre students from all over the world. From a diverse range of backgrounds, they include senior police commanders in Asia, company CEOs in Spain, senior academics in German and postdoctoral researchers in Malaysia.

This is an advanced degree obtained (through a minimum of 30 Logo ENU_Grossmonths study) via a mixture of coursework and research within the Business School. The programme is demanding academically, and you will need to manage your time effectively as a lot of the research will be scheduled and managed by yourself independently.
The overall programme for the first year comprises directed study on research methods; directed study on areas of specialist knowledge; a mini dissertation, pilot study, or first phase research project; and a scheme of research leading to a thesis in an approved area of study. The PhD itself may be taken full-time or part-time and is normally only open to candidates with prior managerial experience and a postgraduate qualification. This degree is delivered and awarded by a consortium of universities including Apsley Business School London, and our partner university, UNIES Institute Netherlands, in line with the European Higher Education standards set out by Bologna Process for academic recognition and progression. You may use the academic title of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). This qualification is recognized throughout the EU and overseas.

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There are three basic stages to our PhD.

To graduate successfully with the PhD, you will need to:

  • demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the subject discipline(s) required to underpin the subject of your thesis – this is the Course stage.
  • define an appropriate subject for your thesis – the Mentored stage.
    conduct a literature search and write and defend your thesis – the Supervised stage

What you need to apply for this course

Due to our unique personalised  1:1 mentoring method of instruction,  you can enrol anytime in the year.

Entry to the Apsley PhD is normally conditional on possession of all of the following:
a masters-level degree, either an MBA or a specialist MA or MSc in a business related area (eg Marketing MA); evidence of substantial senior management or professional work experience, including within the academic profession, at a significant level or responsibility; and one academic and one professional reference, both of which must be received before the selection procedure can take place.
In exceptional cases, if you do not meet all of the above selection criteria you may still be considered provided you can demonstrate outstanding qualities in terms of:
your managerial or professional experience; the intellectual capacity to deal with the demands of the programme; and the personal benefits that you could gain from your participation in, and contribution to, the programme.

Suitable candidates are invited to attend an interview with the Academic Director which will cover the way that the PhD relates to and will help your professional development; and your knowledge and appreciation of current thinking in one or more areas of management.

If you are in any doubt as to your candidacy, you are welcome to contact the doctoral programmes co-ordinator for an informal discussion.

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Fees and Bursaries

The fee for the PhD is £25,000, or 25,000 euros. Bursaries and Scholarships are available- please enquire for details on how to apply.

1. Fees are set for each year and are held for individual students provided there is no break in the continuous period of study.
2. PhD programme fees include: study guides, core course textbooks, and supervision.
3. Fees do not include accommodation. Our admissions team will be able to provide more information on local hotels .
4. All applicants must be fully aware of the costs involved with studying for a research degree and, if admitted onto the programme, must be able to cover such costs

Attendance and timetables

All teaching is conducted on a 1:1 basis, around your schedule. Occasionally, your Academic Supervisor may want you to meet other doctoral candidates to share ideas in a seminar form.

Duration of Study

Although the programme can be completed in two and half years after enrolment, most students finish in 3 years. Of course, depending on your research topic and your available time, you may wish to extend this, up to 5 years. Your Academic Supervisor will agree  a personalised study plan with you to schedule your study at your pace, for your academic and career goals.

Delivery, Accreditation and Recogniton

The PhD is delivered on our premises in London by the ABS Academic Team, Lead by Dr. Fuller and Dr. Kim.

This degree is delivered and awarded by a consortium of universities including Apsley Business School London, the UNIES Institute Netherlands, and Tblisi Teaching University, Georgia, in line with the European Higher Education standards set out by Bologna Process for academic recognition and progression. You may use the academic title of Doctor of Business Administration. Graduates will be able to submit their academic transcripts to UK NARIC to receive a certificate of equivalence, verifying that your PhD is recognised in the United Kingdom.

There is the option to travel to Georgia for a week long practicum.

English language requirement

Where an applicant's mother tongue is English, or the first degree was done at an institution with English as its language of communication, there is no special requirement. For others the University normally requires a minimum TOEFL score of 600, 6.5 in IELTS, or 250 in a computer based TOEFL test. Pre-sessional courses in English are available.

Please contact our Admissions Team using the form below. If you wish, we can arrange for the Academic Director to call and discuss your research topic with you personally.

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