Message from the Academic Director

I will be communicating with all of you soon on the new University Strategy that we hope to finalise later this year and I will take that opportunity to let you know about the many splendid achievements of our students this year in education, management, finance, engineering and the hospitality and tourism sectors. I also have much good news to share about the achievements of our academics and all those who do so much to keep Apsley Business School ranked in the very top tranche of business schools across the UK and CEE.

Events, however, have overtaken this report and I need to let you know that our Executive Committee held a special meeting this morning to take stock of where we are following the EU Referendum result (‘Brexit’). As you can imagine, Brexit is causing great uncertainty across the UK, but especially in our case for staff members and students (current, prospective and doubtless past) from fellow EU countries.

At this early stage it is worth noting the following. For at least the next two years EU laws will continue to apply in the UK. Full details of the UK’s post-Brexit arrangements with the EU and the rest of the world will emerge through this period and beyond. While these are clearly matters for the government to decide, please be assured that Apsley will play a full part in pressing for future arrangements that best support its continuing ambitions to deliver education in Europe at the highest global standards. We flourish because we are an inclusive and outward looking community. Myself and the management team are immensely proud of the contributions of all our staff members and students.

Brexit was not the referendum outcome that British Universities sought. We now have to work hard to shape what it will come to mean. We have today announced that we will guarantee that continuing EU students at Apsley, and those entering Apsley in 2016, 2017 and 2018, will complete their courses on the fee regimes set at their point of entry. I will share further information on our plans as they take shape, along with relevant external information. As ever, too, the Executive and I would welcome your thoughts on how best we can protect the interests and reputation of Apsley Business School and its members going forward.

Kind regards,

Sebastian Fuller

Academic Director, Apsley Business School, London

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