Facebook gets knocked down, and is up again

How fast can your company recover from an Information Security breach?

Nowadays, it is clear that information security breaches are happening everywhere.
The importance of swift response and a clear policy for Information Security, prevention and responses was made clear again in the early hours of this morning. People were in uproar on social media.Screenshot_2015-01-27-11-32-11

Facebook, Tinder, Instagram all went down for about 40 minutes, with millions of people's personal information potentially being compromised, as well as inconveniencing Facebook's huge online footprint. A full summary of what happened can be found on the Verge's website

An online hactivist group, called The Lizard Squad hinted at claiming responsibility. The Lizard Squad also claimed responsibility for the Christmas hack of Sony Playstations, causing misery to millions of young consumers who were hoping to enjoy their brand new presents. Lizard Squad also claimed responsibility for hacking Malaysia Airline's website this week, and Tweeted support for IS.lizard sqd

Facebook later made a public statement that they had not been hacked by The Lizard Squad.

However you view the situation, it is incredible that an organisation with the scale and scope of Facebook was able to resume normal service after only 40 minutes. A spokesperson stated "We moved quickly to fix the problem, and services are back to 100% for everyone."

Would your company be able to get your online presence up again so swiftly? Would your company be able to analyse the situation, quantify the risk, and move forward so calmly?

If not, perhaps you would be interested in looking at our accredited postgraduate qualifications in Information Security.

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