Enrolment, Graduation and Intercalation Policies


You will be contacted by a member of the Admissions Team and they will explain in detail. To summarise, enrolment follows three phases.

Phase 1

The applicant will submit the following documents for their programme of study:

  1. The IPE Management School-Paris application form, including a Letter of Intent, (before writing please refer to our guide here)
  2. A Europass format Curriculum Vitae (the Europass site helps you build one online here)
  3. Proof of Identification (a copy of a drivers license, passport is acceptable)
  4. A complete ABS Application Form and signed Study Agreement. 
  5. Photographs for your Student ID Card

Phase 2

Applicants will be contacted for an interview. This may be in person, or online.

The purpose of the interview is to verify the documentation and identity of the applicant, and to confirm that the programme is the best fit for the applicant's needs. At this point, some applicants may also be selected for and Academic Bursary or Scholarship.

Phase 3

IPE Management School - Paris and ABS send the applicant the Offer Letter, and directions for payment of study fees. Once Fees are paid, you will receive a formal Letter of Acceptance and your Student ID Card and your will be officially enrolled on the programme.


On successful completion of their studies, candidates may apply to attend a Graduation ceremony at one of our sites or with our partner institution, IPE management School - Paris. Dates and application procedure will be posted on the ABS Online Learning Portal.

It must be noted however, that candidates may not graduate until all the outstanding study fees have been paid to ABS.

Graduates will receive a diploma for their programme and an academic transcript in Europass format. Both will be in French. The diploma is the same for all programmes, whether taught in the classroom, blended-mode or mainly online. A sample is available for inspection.

Duration of Study and Intercalation

The detailed policy is posted in the online learning portal and the duration of study for your programme is described in your Study Agreement.

1. Extenuating Circumstances

If a student has difficulties in pursuing their studies, ABS is committed to providing support to enable the student the best opportunity to succeed in their chosen programme.

From time to time, due to personal circumstances which are unforeseeable or beyond the candidate's control, the candidate may require more time to complete an assessment.

In the first instance, the candidate should immediately contact their supervisor and explain the situation. Then, an Extenuating Circumstances form should be submitted. Each situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis on its individual merits, and the outcome will be communicated to the candidate within 7 working days.

Examples of upheld circumstance may include bereavement, sickness, injury, fire or similar unforeseeable events.

In normal circumstances, data loss due to failing to back-up work is not considered acceptable grounds and extenuating circumstances application.

2. Voluntary Intercalation

A candidate may voluntarily apply to suspend their studies for other reasons, such as sudden extra work pressure. In which case, an extension to the programme may be given, but additional study fees may be chargeable.

It is important that the candidate contacts their supervisor as soon as possible to discuss options available to them.

Payment and Refunds Policy

The Payment and Refund Policy is stated clearly in the Study Agreement for your programme of study.

ABS cannot accept cash for study fees. Payment may be made in Pounds Sterling or Euros, by Bank Transfer or Cheque.

Please contact our Admissions Team if your company or organisation is subsidising your study fees, or for information regarding bursaries, scholarships and reductions in fees due to Approved Prior Learning.