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Lloyd’s CEO: Cyber attacks cost companies $400 billion every year

"Last year, the insurance industry took in $2.5 billion in premiums on policies to protect companies from losses resulting from hacks.

Lloyd’s, the British insurance company, is known for specializing in obscure risks. When civilians finally push off into space, they will likely be insured, along with the aircraft they travel in, by Lloyd’s. But one initially...
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Graduation Pictures Spring 2015

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  • Gorgasali University Tbilisi
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ABS London

Congratulations to those graduating in 2015!

Our warmest congratulations to all the students graduating in 2015. The ceremony was held at our partner university, University Institute for International and European Studies,  Tbilisi Teaching University Gorgasali.

Good luck with your future careers from the team at Apsley Business School, London.

LLM- Master of Laws- now enrolling

Apsley Business School is now accepting applications for enrollment into the Master of Laws (LLM) programme for June and September intakes.

LLM is derived from the Latin, Legum Magister, meaning Master of Laws, and is primarily a
vocational degree taught at a high academic standard. It is ideal for practising lawyers hoping to develop specific theoretical areas of their practice or for entrepreneurs and administrators who need law in their daily business.

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This Week in Cyber Security

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Again, another week demonstrates clearly why you need to know how to keep your company, your colleagues and your personal information safe.

There has never been a better time to sign up for our MBA and MSc in Information Security. Graduates who know how to protect data from online attacks are in high demand.

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'Cyber attack war games' to be staged by UK and USBBC News, UK Why cyber security is a safe choice for a postgrad degreeThe Guardian Newspaper, UK
 _80227489_178795084  safe_image
Centcom’s Twitter Password Compromised ZDNET The NSA regrets Support for Compromised Dual EC Algorithm
 centcom-twitter-isis-5-jpg      safe_image (2)


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