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britcham infosec 15 may 2015We are happy to invite you to the presentation

The Fallout from the Sony hacking Scandal - the impact on privacy, security and business

which will focus on interesting facts, guide you through basic standards of online security and highlight pitfalls of hidden cyber attacks, both in professional or private communication


Sony has suffered two high profile hacking incidents in the past months. Although embarrassing for a technology company that delivers mission critical hardware and software to the financial services industries across the G8, the real damage may well extend beyond the short term profit margin.

How will this affect personal privacy, national security and their future business model?

Dr Fuller presents some areas to explore.

The professional backround of Dr. Fuller: Academic Director, Apsley business School.

Sebastian has an extensive professional career as a consultant in compliance and Quality Assurance, especially on the international stage. After spending over 14 years as an academic in Japan, where he established and implemented international collaborations across East Asia and North America, he relocated to Europe and has spent the past 5 years consulting at the executive level in postgraduate education in the UK and Central Europe. He has strong practical experience in delivering high quality executive training online through a variety of platforms and media. He is an active consultant in the fields of marketing and education as well as Information Security and has worked on projects for Europol and the University of Security Management in Slovakia. He lectures on the MBA in research methodology, HR, quality management and marketing. 

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