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This Week in Cyber Security

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Again, another week demonstrates clearly why you need to know how to keep your company, your colleagues and your personal information safe.

There has never been a better time to sign up for our MBA and MSc in Information Security. Graduates who know how to protect data from online attacks are in high demand.

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'Cyber attack war games' to be staged by UK and USBBC News, UK Why cyber security is a safe choice for a postgrad degreeThe Guardian Newspaper, UK
 _80227489_178795084  safe_image
Centcom’s Twitter Password Compromised ZDNET The NSA regrets Support for Compromised Dual EC Algorithm
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Chinese Shares jumped 53% in 2014

China's benchmark Shanghai Composite index was the best performing major stock market in the world last year.

It jumped nearly 53% in 2014, significantly outperforming all major global markets, and breaking through 3,000 points in early December for the first time since 2011.

Helen Zhu, head of Chinese equities at investment firm BlackRock, says this is largely due to "significant" government reforms.

Are you thinking of expanding your business into China? Our MBA in Strategic Management would be the programme for you.